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Dr. Chantal Yamthe

About Dr. Chantal Yamthe

Dr. Chantal Yamthe was born in the country of Cameroon, Africa and has been in the United States since 1994. Married to Samuel Yamthe for over 26 years, she is both a wife and mother to four beautiful children. Dr. Yamthe graduated from Law school at the University of Yaoundé Cameroon in 1993 and came to the United States in order to join her husband to pursue a career in law.

 It was not until May 2003 that God visited her and led her into a 30-day encounter with the LORD JESUS CHRIST. It was during this time that God called her into the ministry, and commissioned her to go into the world on His behalf with the greater power from above; to confront and plunder the kingdom of darkness and to populate heaven, setting the captives free, healing the sick and training and equipping the body of Christ.

Dr. Yamthe attended and graduated from the International Miracle Institute and received a doctorate degree in Christian Theology in 2012 and doctorate degree in Divinity in 2013 under the ordination of Dr. Christian Harfouche.

She, alongside her husband, are the founders of  Praise, Healing, and Deliverance Ministries in Austin, TX and have planted two churches under the ministry in the country of Cameroon, Africa. This ministry is determined to train leaders and establish a people who will seek God with their whole heart while demonstrating the power of God through signs, wonders, and miracles.


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